The Mini Cooper Register in the UK was founded in 1986, not just for owners but for enthusiasts as well, all wanting to share in the Cooper's rich history, from race and rally successes to being the car of choice for many of the '60s coolest trendsetters.

We keep the sporting spirit of John Cooper's brainchild alive half a century after it first made motoring history. The introduction of the Rover Cooper in the 1990s and BMW's new MINI for the 21st century have further extended our that interest in the increasingly rare and valuable original Coopers. That interest is reflected in the club's wide range of Member’s Mini which cater for every age and type of car to carry a Cooper badge.

The Mini Cooper Register is proud to have John Cooper as its Honorary President until his death in 2000. He was as enthusiastic as ever about the Mini Cooper and took an active interest in the register. His son, Michael is now Honorary President.

The Register also has as Honorary Members several well known personalities who were associated with the Mini Cooper during its halcyon days of the 1960's. These include Rauno Aaltonen, John Rhodes, Paddy Hopkirk, Paul Easter, Stuart Turner, Lady Watson (Christabel Carlisle), Barrie "Whizzo" Williams and Mike Wood.

The Mini Cooper Register Australia Inc is proud to be part of the largest Mini Club in the world.

President. John Heselwood

Secretary / Treasurer. Bob Ward

Events. Tony Formosa, John and Colleen Fett, and Ray and Judy Retchless help with the organising of our events.

Our club is affiliated with the Mini Cooper Register UK, so members are kept up to date and enjoy the latest of all things Mini from all over the world.

An online UK Club magazine - CooperWorld - is made available to Members, and with a Who's Who of UK motorsport and international articles, it makes a great read.

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