Chrome MINI Cooper S


  1. Chrome MINI Cooper S for sale @ 38k found a buyer, trouble is he cant find a insurance company to insure him…………..:)

  2. Plenty of chrome-effect spray painted cars around presumably they are all already insured. But car insurance companies are a fickle bunch of people to deal with … Didn't David Bowie design a chromed Mini for the 40th?

  3. No, not an April fool joke as feature was dated 29 March. 😀
    The David Bowie chrome Mini 40th pictured at IMM below, is now in the MINI museum at the Oxford plant I think.

  4. Surely you can just get it insured by whoever underwrote the BMW 7 day policy. Or the various brokers who deal with modified cars, just have an exclusion put in for paint finish or something.

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