Oil & Filter Change on a Mk1 (R50/52/53) MINI

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  1. [B]1st Gen – Oil Change – DIY[/B]
    Useful 'How to' guides with photos here:

    [B]If your oil light comes on sometimes after an oil change check this:[/B]
    The early MINI with production dates up to 07/2004 has a couple extra pieces inside the oil filter cannister cover – a spring and plastic cage. These items were eliminated on the later models after 07/2004. The oil filter specification with the initial production of the MINI required a 'paper filter' which necessitated a plastic cage in the cannister cover which prevent the filter from collapsing under pressure. For this reason, the early production MINIs have a spring loaded plastic 'cage' built into the oil filter cannister cover. This 'cage' provides a rigid structure within the filter to maintain its shape under pressure. The cage also helps to 'seal' the top of the filter for proper oil circulation thru the filter.
    The early 'all paper' oil filters designed for use with the caged cover did not have any internal support structure (or 'built-in' cage). BE CAREFUL when purchasing aftermarket oil filters as there are still some of these 'uncaged' filters in the market.

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