AutoExpress Mini 50 Special Magazine


  1. AutoExpress (a special not the usual weekly on sale now-8th July) has a 24-page Mini 50 magazine as the centre pull-out.
    12 Minis/MINI's are tested and rated in a shoot-out…………

    [B]Final Favourite Ranking:-[/B]
    1. Ex-Works Mk1 Cooper Rally Mini (1965)
    2. Original Mini Minor (1959-67)
    3. MINI Cooper (2001-06)
    4. MINI JCW World Championship 50 (2009)
    5. Mini 1275GT Clubman (1969-80)
    6. MINI Clubman (2007 on)
    7. Mini Traveller (1960-69)
    8. MINI GP Works (2006)
    9. Mini Mk2 (1967-70)
    10. Mini Miglia (1970 on)
    11. Rover Mini Cooper (1990-2000)
    12. ERA Mini Turbo (1989-90)

    [B]David Johns editor in chief of Auto Express:-[/B]
    'Picking the greatest Mini of all-time is no easy task! Do you go for the first and original Mini – the model which revolutionised small car design and construction and became a statement of the Swinging Sixties?
    Or do you choose the sizzling Mini Cooper which dominated motorsport and pre-dated the supermini hot hatches we all know today?
    And what about the current MINI – where does that fit, if at all, into the hall of fame? In this issue we've answered all these questions and more in the free magazine which celebrates 50 years of the Mini success story.
    Our road test team selected its top 12 finalists – and then brought them together for the ultimate Mini shoot-out.
    Each car was driven and assessed on road and track, and then ranked and rated to deliver the definitive verdict.
    So which is the greatest Mini of all? And where does your favourite rank?'

    MINI Racing Silverstone:-

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