Supercharger service


  1. I think average life of a supercharger is around 120,000 miles although of course some fail sooner and some last a lot longer…….I had one on a Mercedes C-Class Kompressor start rattling at 100,000 due to wear in bearings.

    [B]2001-2006 MINI Cooper S Supercharger oil service:[/B]
    'Owing to the extreme heat and harsh operating conditions, it is a good idea to check the supercharger oil level on a regular basis. MINI does not specifically recommend a supercharger oil service and no oil is available through MINI parts.
    The supercharger on the MINI is manufactured by Eaton. General Motors uses a similar Eaton supercharger and the GM supercharger oil (GM Part number [B]12345982[/B]) can be substituted.
    The supercharger has two oil reservoirs; one on the front of the supercharger below the drive pulley and one on the rear behind the water pump. Oil service for each is covered separately.'
    [B]More here:[/B]

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