Spare Tires


  1. Since I got rid of the hated run flat tires (see seperate threads), I need some sort of a spare tire. Any ideas? Just something cheap that will get me a 100 miles of so in event of a bad tire failure


  2. I'd go to a salvage yard and try and get a 15' MINI ONE steel wheel, it's got to be better than one of those space saver things. Only problem though is getting it in your boot!

  3. If you have a One or Cooper you can retrofit the spacesaver spare under the boot floor as detailed in thread link below:-

    If you have a Cooper S there is no where to fit the spacesaver spare due to the twin box exhaust and boot mounted battery box so most just carry a can of Tyre Weld Emergency [I]Puncture Repair[/I].

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