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  1. Hi i've just been doing some research on the new mini coopers from 02 onward after reading a review on the John Cooper Works model and noticed it was turbo charged.

    As far as i knew they were supercharged so i was thinking were has this turbo come from? My partners mum had one and it was alot of fun to drive. So i looked at the specs on parkers and noticed a new turbo charged model came out in 06.

    Why did they bring out a turbo charged version? It produces less bhp and has a slower 0-60 and top speed. Lower insurance group is the only good thing i can see out of it?

    John Cooper Works model on the other hand looks very good but i wonder if they could have made it quicker by using the supercharger?

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    The turbo replaced the supercharger on the later Cooper S for reasons of exhaust emissions and fuel economy both of which are much improved on the later car with therefore lower running costs and car tax bracket.
    Turbo – Combined MPG = 40.9 and CO2 (g/km) = 149
    Supercharger – Combined MPG = 33.6 and CO2 (g/km) = 202

    The Supercharger sound has unfortunately gone on acceleration but the new JCW turbo at least makes a nice sound from those twin exhausts, occasionally backfiring and popping when you come off the throttle.:)

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