Austin Cooper MK II


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    Good luck with the restoration. You have found the right forum for asking any questions 🙂

    I guess the moderators can move the thread to the appropriate section

  2. [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Hi theare,[/size][/font]

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    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]I am in possession of Austin Cooper 998 MK II model 1969. I am currently engaged in restauration of this automobile, which I purchased in a pretty bad condition. Previously car body was done, where front wings were replaced. On that occasion, its original plate was lost, so that I am not sure what its original numbers are in order to put them on the new plate.[/size][/font]

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    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]In the automobile regristration license are the numbers of carosserie and engine which I cannot find in the registry of Austin Cooper vehicles. Judging by all details on the vehicle, it is undoubtedly an Austin Cooper. (Disk brakes, Speedometer 160 km/h, sound insulation in the cabin, 55 Hp engine, etc.)[/size][/font]

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    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Data in the automobile regristration license:[/size][/font]

    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Carosserie Number: 763 910[/size][/font]

    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Engine Number: 764 098[/size][/font]

    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Power: 55Hp/ 40Kw[/size][/font]

    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Colour: Snowberry white[/size][/font]

    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Roof Colour: Black[/size][/font]

    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3][/size][/font]

    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]On the carosserie on the tin behind the cooler, there is this number: FE 1473908.[/size][/font]

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    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]I hope that this number can help you to identify this automobile.[/size][/font]

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    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Date of the first registration: 03 December 1969.[/size][/font]

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    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Your help will be apreciated.[/size][/font]

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    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Thanking you in anticipation,[/size][/font]

    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3][/size][/font]

    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Dalibor Ružić [/size][/font]

    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 183[/size][/font]

    [size=3][font='Times New Roman']11070 Belgrade[/font][/size]

    [font='Times New Roman'][size=3]Serbia[/size][/font]

    [][u][font='Times New Roman'][color=#0000ff][size=3][/size][/color][/font][/u][/url]

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    Ruzic, nice to see your enquiry unfortunately I can't help. You may get very little responce posting in this section – it's aimed at the New, BMW, Mini. You're likely to get much better information from the users of the MkII Cars section. Best of luck.

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    RuzicDalibor, sorry I can't really help either but I just wanted to commend you on your restoration endeavors. Automobiles don't get better than classic Mini Coopers. Good luck!

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