cooper s vs punto gt turbo


  1. I have recently purchased a mini cooper s and i was comming back from work and i heard a dump valve behind me.Pulled up at lights and thought i will smoke him but he got in front by a lot and i am really disapointed in my purchase and i was givin it everything but he got away very very dissapointing.:(

    Oh yeh forgot to mension it was a yellow punto gt with a private plate sayin turbo.Thinkin of buying 1 now a lot cheaper as well.

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    Punto,s dont have the style or flair of the mini. Who is going to ask you about or admire a Fiat punto?Hope i'm right in thinking that yours is a 1275cc. The punto is bound to be a 1400cc so you can expectthe minito be a bit slower. Bet he can't drive round corners as fast as the mini… Point to point i'd say you would thrash him.

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    My mistake, just realised your note was written in the new MINI section, the punto could not have been standard. If you were in a new MINI Cooper S then you should had him off the lights easily, unless the punto has had some serious mods.

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    The only mod i noticed was a large front mount dumpvale thats the good thing bout the turbo cars sounds very nice.Because of what happened that day i am getting a full exhaust system.:D

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