Child seat problem


  1. Have put our lads car seat in the back of the mini (he is 3) – fits in fine and attached it the same as last car we had (alfa 147)
    Using the seat belt, not an isofix thing or anything.

    However when we go round a corner the seat belt extends (doesnt grab) and the seat moves sideways – the belt just has no tension on it to hold the seat tight.

    Mrs is worried.
    Anyone had this problem ? Whats the solution please ?

    >>COOPER 2004 R50<<

  2. Hi there, welcome to the forum,

    Sounds like the belt may be faulty, do you have the same problem with all three belts in the back?

    Also it looks like you are talking about a 2004 MINI so I'd suggest posting in the MINI section rather than Mk1 Cars which is for 1961-67 cars! 🙂

    If a Mod spots this post they may move it for you…..

  3. had the problem with my two kids- ended up having a small 4 point harness made up and that kept them in the kiddie seat – much like a racing bucket seat and harness

  4. Island Blu wrote: “If a Mod spots this post they may move it for you…..”

    Admin did!:)

    Haven't a clue on MINI seatbelts but run a Subaru from the same year; what do the rear belts do if fully extended? The Subaru's go into ratchet mode specifically for child seat fixing. If they get back to the park position they'll free run again but if a child seat is in the way the belt can be used to tension it into the seat. Worth a try?

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