cooper s xenons


  1. :confused:hi guys ended up buying my daughter a 52 plate cooper s with xenons as she is in the army and needs the forces mot/bfg so she will need lhd headlights can you change them internally on the car if not ive found a set of lhd standard lights will the wiring be a straight swap ie plug in:confused:

  2. It's really easy to switch Mini Xenons internally. First remove the cover off the back off the lights. If you look towards the lights you will see a switch, move it down for the drivers side and up for the passenger side for driving on the continent.
    More details and pics here:

  3. :confused:does that work on 2002 xenons as i cant see the switch the picture posted on that link looks different it is rubber cover on ours any more advice would be great thanks wayne

  4. After further research it seems the 'old' xenons (ie. pre Jun/Sept 04) could not be switched. The new xenons can be switched (ie all convertibles and facelift hatchbacks)

  5. thanks for the reply mab01 does anyone know if i get the newer versions ie after sept 04 will they be a straight fit onto my 2002 cooper s that has the old xenons ie elec connections and bolts ballast etc thanks wayne

  6. Not sure myself……….but if no luck on here you could try searching/asking on and/or forums. Let us know if you do find out though! 🙂



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