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  1. hi im going to look at a couple of cars for my daughter shes in the army in germany so comes back and forward to england so an old shape mini wont really do her i was wondering if there are any things specific you should check on the new coopers ive heard the power steering pump can be one weak area just trying to get a bit of your experence's im only used to the old stuff the one car is a mini cooper 52 plate chilli pack and john cooper sound kit if you can help please let me know thanks wayne

  2. These are some of the faults that my 51 plate (47,000 miles) and 52 plate (129,000 miles) Coopers have had in the last 7 years.
    Noisy steering pumps, they have always been noisy and never replaced!
    Gearbox failure, the 52-plate developed a noisy bearing which got very bad very quickly. The other suffered a diff failure at 46,000 without warning.
    Seized rear calipers leading to pitted rear discs shortly after the 51-plate was parchased.
    Leaking radiator on 52 plate, it was the offside tank.
    Door micro switch problems which caused the windows to open and the car to unlock, the worst case was during a particularly heavy rain storm. It took a couple of days for the seats to dry out. The problem was fixed once, but returned again and I have learned to live with it.
    Front suspension bushes, very expensive to replace for a cheap part. The front subframe has to be dropped to replace them.
    Slight notchiness in the steering which can be felt when parking.
    Wheel bearings became noisy after 100,000 miles.
    Head lamp leveling sticks, slaming the bonnet cures this for a short while. Both cars suffer from this so it is a common fault.
    Key transponder failure, replacement key was the cure.
    Passenger window failure. The window mechanism failed.
    Rear hatch latch became loose, fortunately retighten the bolts was all that was needed.
    Air bag wiring fault which caused the warning light to come on.

    Otherwise the cars are good fun to drive, return about 30-35mpg, get through a set of front tyres every 15,000 miles. Brakes last about 40-50,000 miles, but discs always need replacing when the pads do. The clutch on my 52-plate lasted 126,000 miles and was replaced when the gearbox was done. I replaced the exhaust twice and the brakes twice.

  3. thanks for the fast response guys ive had a look at the cooper using your advice all i could see that needed attention was surprise surprise the pas pump an oil leak onto rear heat sheild looks like rocker/top gasket cental locking on ns door faulty and either alternator or tensioner pulley bearing a bit noisy but i did notice the air con/heater has like a damp smell can you get deodourizers for it:confused: left an offer with or without all the jobs so maybe the daughter will be on the web site soon thanks again wayne

  4. You may also find these [B]R50/53 (2001-2007) MINI Buyers Guides [/B]useful:


    Solutions and fixes to many of the more common faults can also be found here on the MCR New MINI forum sections if you search, or just ask and we will do our best to help. 🙂

    Below is a link to a guide for MINI Steering Pump replacement as an example:

  5. wayne mk3 wrote: ” but i did notice the air con/heater has like a damp smell can you get deodourizers for it”

    The probable cause for this is the Pollen filters have not been replaced.

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