how can you Program a key


  1. help please i have a 52 plate cooper and have only one key.
    i have bought another key from ebay with the two
    buttons on it, i can get a new blade cut for the door, but i want
    to get it Programed so it works as it should do. is there
    a way to do it other than going to BMW? they want ££££££

  2. [B]See Page 22 in Mini Handbook:[/B]

    Some say this method works but not tried it personally:

    [B]Reprogram New MINI Keys R50/52/53[/B]

    If your key/remote wont unlock/lock your doors, try this:

    1. Have all the keys on you when you get into the car.

    2. Get in and shut the doors (dont open them untill your finished programing)

    3. Put a key in the ignition and turn to the first click, then back and take the key out all within 5 seconds

    4. Now hold down the unlock button, while holding it down press the lock button 3 times, then release the unlock button, the doors should lock and unlock. DONT touch the doors or door locks yet.

    5. Repeat action 4 for any other keys

    6. Once youve finished doing this to all the keys you can open the door or put a key in the ign to finish the programming.

    7. Try the lock and unlock with the keys, they should work, if they dont try again, the sequence is critical.

    [B]Recoding Key – secret code[/B]



    [B]How to make a replacement key fob for cheap:[/B]

    [B]2001-2004 MINI Clamshell Key Repair Service:[/B]

    [B]To reset your key/Remote not working[/B]:
    Get in MINI put key in ignition then take it out
    Point key at aerial at back of car
    press and hold UNLOCK button
    press key LOCK button 3 times within 10 seconds WHILE keeping UNLOCK button depressed.
    Release UNLOCK button
    System should lock and unlock car to indicate programming has been sucessful.

    A maximum of 4 keys can be programmed.

    The keys only usually reset themselves because the cars battery has been taken out for a while, or has been allowed to go flat.

    The work that 04_Indi_Mini_S has done over at
    Here he solves, or appears to solve, the problem of how to program a key you might get off of eBay or at a breakers. Even then, there appears to be software to buy and install along with getting the blade cut properly. I'm not sure after all the effort it would be cheaper or easier than just paying the dealer for a new remote key.
    And BTW, there is an immobilizer inside of the non-remote key. It's the only thing inside the shell.

    [B]MINI and Land Rover Remote Keys:[/B]

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