are they the same


  1. ive got my cooper now its a 52 plate
    can any one tell me if a 2004 model would have the
    same hatchback hinges as one of mine is nackerd
    found some on ebay but
    (does any one have one)or pair
    thanks andy

  2. Some info and a couple of links on Mini tailgate hinge problems which may help here:


    These companies below are good for breaking/used MINI parts. 🙂
    Mini Matt[/B]

    [B]Mini Spares UK[/B]



  3. new bmw mini

    hi guys
    all those with bmw mini's if you want to look up parts for thease little blighters go to www. is an american web site just sign up and the site will automaticly updade use the last 7 from your vin ie tc78456 and off you all prices are in $ but it will give you some idea on prices BUT when you use your vin the system will only give the info for your mini so if you have a cooper it wont let you look up cooper s parts but you can go in without a vin you can go any where this site will also let you look up parts for bmw & rolls royce .I use it as a back up for when the bmw etk system goes down enjoy
    the rev:)

  4. Euro Car Parts [url][/url] has a similar system. It uses your reg no. to identify your car type, or you can just put in the age of and type of car. Handy for comparing parts from different years.

  5. well erm sort of ? the system euro's use come's from there main server at wembley thats there main base where thay import it from i dont know
    but the one i use for back up is direct from the usa i find it a lot better than the euro's system as it more for the car you want rather than is this for the car maybe ??:)

  6. Always found RealOEM very useful for exploded diagrams and to check part numbers before visiting a MINI Dealer:

    [B]Welcome to! This site can be used to look up
    BMW part numbers and approximate part prices. The Parts
    are grouped into diagrams and diagrams are grouped into
    categories and subcategories. can also help you
    identify your BMW car or motorcycle model and production
    date based on your VIN number.[/B]

  7. Also MINI WDS (Wiring Diagram System) online access is available for diy MINI owners here:

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