Rear Spoiler Removal (MINI Mk 1)


  1. [B]Rear Spoiler removal[/B]:
    Should you need to remove the tailgate spoiler to replace it with a different type (or with some MINI's in order to remove the centre brake light), even after undoing the 2/3 bolts, they can be very strongly stuck on until you start to cut through the sealant/sticky pads while lifting the spoiler. Some suggest using something like fishing line to cut through like a cheese cutter but the method below proved the easiest for me when swapping from the Cooper spoiler to the MCS type (Mk 1):

    'Remove the black grommets inside the top edge of the hatch and undo the 2/3 nuts retaining the spoiler. Take a plank of wood approx 6 feet long, rigid but with some flexibility and cover one end with gaffer tape. Prop the plank (gaffer tape against spoiler to prevent damage) at one end of the spoiler and at about 45 degrees and locate it on the ground so it won't slip back (like a ladder against a building). Release the handbrake and push car back so that the plank flexes outwards and put handbrake on. The Spoiler is now preloaded with an upward force and will now be lifting slightly at the preloaded end just enough to get a long carving knife into the gap. Stick more gaffer along the back edge of the roof to prevent damage to paintwork. Working the knife from the roof side downwards with a sawing action carefully work along the spoiler slowly cutting through the double-sided tape. The spoiler will lift under the load as you go, creating a gap big enough not to damage the paint. By working from the roof side downwards the curvature of the bodywork drops away thus preventing the knife from damaging the paintwork. Once you have removed the spoiler clean up any remaining tape with a suitable spirit, polish and refit the new one. Some have successfully used numberplate sticky pads 3 each side @ £1.00 rather than [URL=''%5Dthe expensive genuine BMW[/URL] adhesive pads (link below) then bolt it all back down. Total time….. 4 hours unsuccessfully trying other suggested methods, 5 mins once I had worked this method out!' 🙂
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    [B]Fitting a Rear Spoiler[/B]:
    Open the tailgate, at the top inside remove the 2 outer black grommets and lightly centre punch the hole centres. Use a small pilot drill first, then check spoiler stud centres align, then open the holes up to the actual stud diameter + some clearance. BMW sell the correct sticky tape or you can use cheaper stuff from Halfords if you prefer.
    Early Cooper/One spoilers have 3 fixings + tape, later ones only 2. The Cooper S spoiler also fits but only has 2 fixings + adhesive tape.
    Make sure water can't seep into the stud holes past the tape and into the tailgate once fitted as they don't unstick very easily!

    (Cover the painted area in masking tape incase your drill slips although the spoiler will cover the top area! Use a metal drill bit, start with a small (2/3mm) but new/sharp drill as a pilot hole. Your spoiler should have 2 threaded studs sticking out which you can use to double check the 2 hole positions as you go).

  2. When I fitted the standard spoiler to the rear of my MINI Cooper I used a roll of the double sided trim tape that's avaliable in Halfords instead of number plate pads (or those expensive BMW pads. 🙂

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