Chrome gear lever and early type gaiter change point?


  1. Has anyone any idea what type of gear lever and gaiter would have been fitted to an early July 64 built Cooper S?, (i.e black or chrome and the standard later or earlier domed gaiter).

    Also would this car have had the earlier type front panel and positive crankcase ventilation system?

    Numbers according to Heritageare body 029193, build date 7/7/64, engine number prefix 9F SAH.

    Any help would be appreciated from someone who has an original car close to this build date/body number.


  2. imported post

    july 64 was the change point for the front panel.

    june 64 was the change point for the gearlever

    june 64 for the crank vent.

    Get your friend to get a copy of John Parnell's book origional mini cooper and cooper s.

    Its really good, often refered to on here as the bible. Not sure if it is still in print but copies turn up on ebay all the time (even new ones).

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