factory fitted sump guard


  1. My MK1 64 S camewith a factory fitted sump guard according to the heritage trace, does anyone have any pics of them that they could send……….cheers.

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    Something like this: [url=http://www.bmc-parts.com/Webwinkel-Product-968176/Sump-Guard-(Factory-Option).html]http://www.bmc-parts.com/Webwinkel-Product-968176/Sump-Guard-(Factory-Option).html[/url]

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    Thanks for the link. Were there different models available or was it pretty limited ?, I have seen ' Scottish guards ' advertised and due to the fact the car was registered in the scottish highlands, would there have been any connectionin that.

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    Hi Dave
    I have a factory sump guard but its buried in parts.
    I spotted one on e-bay two days ago so have a look. I never saw one on e-bay before.
    It says 1969 but is identical to my 1071 1964 cooper s fitted from the factory.
    Search item number 160301617414

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    That is the normal factory optional sumpguard. They were fitted to some of the works 850 rally cars but it is not a Special Tuning item.

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