Keith Dodd rockers


  1. Does anyone know anything about these rockers
    When introduced?
    Valve lift?
    Advantages or disses?
    What would be a good cam for a 1071 I currently have an aeg510 and plan to use 21253 dished pistons.
    I'm not an engine builder so quite lost.
    Also aeg163 head I intend it to be just a street car.
    Thanks very much for any help
    Regards Scott

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    US$400 – ouch!

    They are only about £111 excluding vat over here. Even allowing for shipping I think I'd buy them direct from Mini Spares


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    I bought one set for my 731 cam 1310 S motor, but I did not fit it on yet as the engine is still running in, and causing slight over heat problem already, I will say it should perform good in a mild tune 1071 engine, since 510 cam is quite mild, (my last S engine used one!) but mind you the rockers is different from the good old Keith Dodd or the Avonbar one, they looks like a mass production item but need time to comment it!


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    i was always told you either do an uprated cam or a set of 1.5 rockers on 998,but not both together, i was told this by AC dodd who works with M L motorsport

    not sure if its the same with 1071 engines

    you can use both on 1275 engine upwards

    i think its something to do with valve lift and power loss?????

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    So how much help would these be on my1071 build?

    .040' over, 544/643 cam, balanced,ultra-light flywheel, Longman GT7 head, twin 1 1/2' SU's (or maybedual 1 1/4')

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