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  1. Can anyone identify this camshaft for me? I'm in the United States, and bought this on Ebay for a price that was so low I couldn't not buy it, 99 cents plus shipping. Here's the ad: '[font=Arial][size=2]This is a used cam for a 948, 1098, or 1275 BMC engine camshaft. It has number SPVP4 stamped on one end. It has more lift than a std cam but is not a full race cam. It is used but all lobes are in good usable condition.' [/size][/font]

    [font=Arial][size=2]I did fine a reference to this cam in another post discussing a competition engine. If the cam suits my purposes, I plan to use it when building a performance 1275 engine. If it is not appropriate, I'll keep it for a souvenir or sell it to someone else. [/size][/font]



  2. imported post

    SPVP4 looks like an A.P.T. cam


    [color=#000000][size=2]SPVP4 – without a doubt the most popular cam for vintage and historic racing. Best with 1.5 ratio rockers, but will also work with standard ratio, nice to fit offset bushes if you can. Nominal seat timing (advertised duration) 296 degrees.[/size][/color]

    [u]Per Vizard's book:[/u]

    Timing nos 1 & 4= 45-70-67.5-42.5

    Timing nos2 &3= 42-73-70.5-39.5

    Lobe lift 324/321

    Rally/Race cam with a rasonably wide power band

    'APT's basic vintage race cam. Based on the short timing, high lift concept, this cam is easy to get good results from. power band in the 1000cc motor is generally from 3,750-7,750 RPM and in large motors from 3,000-7,500 RPM. Needs to be used with a fully prepped motor spec and the CR must be over 11/1 especially in smaller motors. If used the silencer/muffler must be high flow low restriction type.'

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