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    The 'Super' is quite a rare car now. It was never made in huge numbers and only for a short time. Many that DID survive have been 'converted' into Coopers.

    Gary Dickens at Thornfalcon Garage has a great interest in these cars and would be worthwhile contacting. I don't have his details to hand but I'm sure a Google search would bring a result.

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    i own the 2nd to the last tartan red/black super built at cowley

    on a recent visit to gaydon i discovered that the last few supers didnt have the brocade,just plain dove grey inserts ,as on my red super (alternative uphulstery)

    been told,by an ex cowley worker,morris couldnt be bothered to re order the brocade for the last few,so just 'ran them off' with what they had

    the mind boggles

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    makes mine quite a rare car i suppose?

    from info from sal and garry and what ive pooled together myself,thereare less than 20 roadworthy survivors,

    this is not good…

    or maybe it is for the lucky few who own em???

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