Automatic box spares and advice


  1. A friend of mine was given as present an automatic 1968 Mini. He needed to know if spares were available in case the gearbox will fail. Can anyone enlighten?

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    The Auto box on the Mini is a fragile little thing but if treated with respect, will give good service.

    I have a 1967 850 Auto which I use a lot, I change the oil and filter reguarly and ALWAYS allow the engine to warm up FULLY before attempting to drive. I know this is a bit of an inconveniance, but a lot less of one than having to change the box through mis-use….!

    As for spares…. I bought a spare engine and box some time ago, and I believe there are still plenty of them about for not silly money. I also met a guy in York some years ago who is very famillier with the workings and weaknesses of these boxes, so may be able to put you in touch IF your friend has any problems.

    Good Luck.


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    James, do you really think I would ever drive an automatic Mini? Well, maybe… but this time it's really a friend of mine, and he has never had a Mini before…

  4. A couple of useful links here for the increasingly rare automatic Mini:

    Austin America site (American 1100/1300) AP Auto Technical Info:

    JP automatic transmissions brochure for Mini/Metro auto box parts:

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