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  1. A question that could have a multitude of answers!!

    What's the going rate for a useable (not concours) Mk1 or MK2 S at the minute as prices seem somewhat variable…appreciate people's ideas…

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    Depends who you talk to I think. Prices seem to vary from £8K up to 17K for really nice ones. Works ones seem to be off the scale completely.

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    I would say that price range is pretty realistic. Mk2 values are lower than Mk1s so afixed sum of moneyshould buy you a better Mk2. The hardest thing I found when searching for a Mk1S was simply FINDING a decent original car in the first place, at all! They do crop up though, and word of mouth is often the best way of finding a car if you're looking. Put plenty of feelers out!

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