1. hey guys i am new to this site cause i want to find out what sort of car i have like people dont have a idea neither do i i cant find a body number at all all i can find is a fe number is is this FE695989 i have been told this is a front end number but i am not sure so can some one help me is there any other way to find out what my car is

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    One of our regulars keeps a record of FE numbers and should be able to help date the car for you when he's recovered from the M2M trip !

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    well there you have it.

    I was going to say it's an ausie one, post 60 but pre 66

    could you take any pictures of the inside, dash doors etc. and some under bonnet ones too?

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    Looks like a 1960s Mk1 Mini Minor but seems to have front quarterlight windows like the Australian cars (and some others I believe) Don't think Aus cars have an FE number though….

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    its definately a english mini as it has the following things slots in the roof gutter rather then holes(as australians ) hole under back seat for the electric fuel pump breather it also has clubman tail lites which are original as far as i can tell.

    it has aussie doors and boot (some body probily added these as the rest of the car is a bitsa)

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    hey i am located n nsw so yer um i recon the doors were added but i would love to no what it actually is a 1964 what my mini remains name less 🙁

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    I once had an 850 that had been reshelled into a Mk I Cooper S shell (wish I kept that one!) but still an 850. What are the parts on the car?

    What body number is on the last registration label, or papers?

    You could ask the RTA (Road and Transport Authority, NSW) to search their data if you do not have either, as you have the plates with last registered number.

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    Lights should be oval for 64. Doors probably as you say added later. Where are you located?

    SA also had Aussie doors (after 64), although boots probably different.

    The width of the rear screen is a giveaway for the Mk I vs Mk II debate.

    I have seen a Rodesian Mini in Oz (850), a very nice car. Imported by a family that loved it, but haven't seen it since it was sold around 15 years ago.

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