Morris Cooper Grilles


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    i have a new alloy morris cooper grill ready to fit to my car when finished, its still in its box with bmc part number. i brought it back in the 70s, will dig itout at the weekend and check the number for . they are much lighter than the chrome over brass ,but boy do they dent easy:(cheers Tim

  2. I have asked about alloy Morris Cooper grilles before, and we came to the conclusion that they were a ST part.

    But since then i have come across a number of them, and i have evidence that the 970 twins were fitted with them from new.

    You can tell from photos which is which, because the ends are more pointed on the chrome or s/s ones.

    The first pic is a s/s one, i don't have a chrome one, but they look similar.

    The next pic is an alloy one, easy to see the rounder ends.

    My question is; are you familiar with the alloy version in the UK?
    I even thought the alloy ones may have been made here in NZ, which would account for their relative commonness.



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    I've seen a number of these for sale over here and had a couple myself over the years. I do remember this being discussed in the MCR mag years ago but don't remember the Special Tuning link ? I always presumed they were aftermarket copies ? It's understandable the slats being squared off bearing in mind how sharp they'd be if they weren't, I know I've sworn a few times cleaning the chrome ones !:P

    Anyone ?

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    [b]ka2s4 wrote: [/b] ”
    Thanks for that, could you also check if the slats look like the pic above?

    J” hi james, sorry for the delay. BL part number ALA 6668 and yes the slats are the same as above with radiused ends, hope this helps, cheers Tim

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    hi james ,all i can add is that the label is the blue and white B /L trade export package type . however i did own a mk 1 morris cooper and a mk 2 S back in the late 70s, i replaced both grills and when i sold the mk 1 i removed the grill as it was brand new putting the old one back on , so theres every chance it could gone intothe mk2 box, im glad i did it now, sorry if was a bum steer but it brought back some great memories thinking back 30 years, cheers tim, check out the old post from mk1 mark last year moorris cooper alloy grills , he quotes a bmc part number, i will try and post it for you

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