Santa came early this year…


  1. Picked up my 1275 S from sunny (well almost) Cheshire yesterday and am bursting all over with silly grins, thought I'd bung a couple of pics on here . . .

    It coped with theheavy traffic on the and A5 no problem and even several worrying downpours didn't deter it from pressing on to a slightly drier Warwickshire! Can fully recommend the factory recliners, very comfortable, why didn't I buy some years ago?

    Roll on Stanford Hall!

    Nidge 😉



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    Nice one Nidge.

    Looks so much better with the correct hinged number plate 🙂

    Haven't looked for any more pics yet but will send them through asand when 😎

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    Remember following this car through delightful gorges in the south of France on the MCR Mini 2 Monte event in 2004. Do have some pictures somewhere but the quality is not great, will have to look them out and see what I have


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    I remember that feeling driving my mk2 back from the Midlands down here M40 – M25. Imust have looked a complete nutter sitting in traffic with the biggest insane grin in the world :)Congrats & enjoy every min with your wonderful new toy .

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    [b]UWD 672G wrote: [/b] “Graeme – likewise, would appreciate any photos you have of the car on the Monte run, whatever the quality! Dick said one or two people questioned his wisdom on using the car to Monte and back but it ran fine with no probs.

    Nidge, take it you've had a look through this lot: [url=][/url]

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    No, not seen those! Brilliant! Thanks Dave ;).

    Now then . . . how can I smuggle a works style roof rack into the garage without the missus seeing . . .


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    It looks a beauty Nidge! Some lovely tasteful period extras too and Island Blue/White does look good:). You've done what I probably should have done and bought a good useable car in the first place rather than one needing some work that never seems to get finished:(. I shouldn't think I've even saved much money but I couldn't find a really good/genuine car when I was looking!

    Will you still go ahead with your Mk2 restoration?

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    Thanks for the comments chaps ;). I've just got up (nasty shifts!)and the first thing I did was peep through the curtains and chuckle to myself looking down at it sat on the drive . . . it just looks so cute! Went to work in it last night so a couple of the lads could have a gander, they had cheesy grins on their faces too. Course, I just had to take the long way home in it didn't I . . . .

    Andrew – you're right it looks much better all complete at the back. Their are several pics of it in the history file from when Phil Clark passed it onto Dick Robinson with the plate screwed directly onto the bootlid and also wearing those lovely 3.5' vented S rims. Look forward to seeing more of your pics 😉

    Graeme – likewise, would appreciate any photos you have of the car on the Monte run, whatever the quality! Dick said one or two people questioned his wisdom on using the car to Monte and back but it ran fine with no probs.

    Minorparts – Mk2 resto is still going ahead but not as full on as previously planned. We were going to change the colour completelybut it'll stay El Paso / White now to keep the cost down, the bodywork will all be done and anything else needed to get it back on the road. Might keep it for a while once its done with a view to selling it later on, we'll have to see. Still waiting for Southam MMC to pick it up so I can get the S in the garage. I wasn't even looking for an S to start with, thinking I'd never be able to afford / find a good one and frankly I can't believe how lucky I've been with this particular car, definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time. Iworked my backside off last yearon the overtime front but now its nearly all gone soI've got to replace it all and finish the house to keep the missus happy . . . good luck with your resto!

    Cheers, Nidge

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    Don & Nidge

    What were the chances of DPV and APC ending up in the same neighbourhood again -weird stuff indeed !!!

    Many an Aroaddice been had between those two old buzzboxes. 😉


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    Excellent! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    Just got back from a superb sunny week in Dundee and Aberdeen.

    Great news.

    APC is looking forward to meetingherolder sibling 'round the corner' and

    playing out next sunday!!!!!:):):):):):):):) don

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    Thanks Don, nice to bump into you a little earlier and good to put a name to a face ;).

    Polished DPV this afternoon then it started raining again, typical!


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    Hi Nick,

    Yes, how good is that?!! I know of another Cooper in the area too, a '65 998 in OEW / Black which belongs to a mate. Hes done all of the work on the shell but is selling due to having a family now plus too many other goddies festering in the garage. It needs finishing but will possibly be on ebay in the next couple of weeks.

    Funny thing about Dons' lovely S is I remember lusting over it at Gaydon when it was up for sale there a while back!


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    [b]SimonWillis wrote: [/b] “Hey Nidge could you show us a pic of those recliners, that's a gorgeous car!”
    Thanks Simon, a couple of pics for you . . . . they need a good clean and the stitching has come apart in a couple of places, other than that they're great, not to mention very comfortable!

    Nidge 😉



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    Couldn't resist grabbing a snap of the 'changing of the guard' this morning!

    Thankfully DPV can now rest easy in the garage, had a queasy moment last night when some dodgy looking 'kids' in a hot hatch were showing a bit too much interest in it sat on the drive.

    Nidge 😉


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    Not a bad idea Android ;).

    Simon – much more comfy, I thought I might have to drop the steering column to make things better but no need with those recliners fitted .


    (Its a bit tight getting in and out of the kennel but I managed it with UWD when it was still in daily use…)


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    You're full of good ideas today mate! Someone at work has one just inside his garage door . . . . hmmmm ;). I know this is a crazy idea but I did consider building a turntable in the back garden to spin the beastie round and drive straight out again. No don't laugh . . .


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    Getting a bit Wallace & Gromit wi the turntable idea & the Doberman would cost more to feed than a chavs habit;)just think of the clean up job on the interior every time you stepped in the poop & thats just what the chavs would leave when they met the dog lol :DThink most of em would be stuffed just by having to pull a choke out to start it !?!?

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    Bollard is a the way to go.Just got a ring today,a guy i know who my friend works for lost his XW GTHO FALCON from their workshop over the weekend,they have been doing a full ground up resto on it,i feel very very sorry for him, i looked at its just weeks ago andthey had done a great job of it,didn't even get to drive it.I FEEL SICK:X.I havebollards at home and at work and people have had ago at stealing cars from both,its a pain lockingyour cars up 24/7 but the day you don't it will go.oh get the Doberman they are great dogs i have had three, never be without one never let you down.

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