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    Maybe my question isn't clear. What I mean is, how was the battery positioned on the car ex the factory (with the factory suppplied standard lucas battery). And were the single tank Cooper S car batteries fitted differently from the ones with the optional RH tank? Parnell and magazines of the era, don't seem to clearly show an original boot, with the boot board lifted to show the battery.

  2. Just wondering how the battery was positioned in the early S's with the optional RH tanks. Were they placed with the terminals near to the tank? ie. terminals on RHS of car when viewed from rear? Regards.

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    I placed this same question here about 2 years ago and it took some time to establish the battery posts should be closest to the spare wheel, away from the tank. The problem is that I cannot recall exactly the discussion leading up to the fact! I have a feeling that earlier cars had the posts against the tank and there was achange. Have you tried a search?



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    Bear in mind, there is only one way to fit any given battery.

    if you turn it round, then the polarity will be wrong.

    My battery in the 850 was with the terminals near the centre of the car, and i thought that they were uncomfortably close to the metal(!) hold-down bar.
    So when it needed a new one, i got one that had the terms near the rhs of the car.

    Now i am doing the twin-tank S, i think the battery bar might be a safer bet than the tank.

    havig said that, there is a thick cardboard battey cover held down securely, so should the tank move it would still be O.K, and the boot board should stop the tank moving too.


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    Therein lies one problem! The early S's didn't have cardboard battery covers. Polarity is not a problem as batteries have always come with terminals reversed i.e. choice of LHS +ve or RHS +ve. My car (positive earth car) has the terminals on the RH tank side. Like the above reply, presumably the boot board and tank clamp would prevent any disasters. The battery istself is well clamped into its recess. Still would like to know what the factory fit was though. Cheers.

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