Roller Rockers and Camshafts


  1. I'm building an original 1965 Cooper S 1275 motor for street use. Bore is standard and I'm still using original pistons. Original crank and rods are balanced and polished. I have an AEG163 cylinder head which has been ported and polished. The head has been lightly skimmed. We've checked the compression ratio and it looks likeit will be at 10.25:1. I've recently been given a set of 1.5 roller rockers and I'm trying to decide on what cam I want. I no longer have the original Cooper S camshaft. As it is a street motor, it needs to be driveable, and apparently the roller rockers already give me the equivalent of a mild cam. How much furthershould I go? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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