Front shocks – Hydrolastic


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    I have fitted shocks to my wet Mk2 and had to drill the upper arms – quite easy. The holes for the screws to fix the mounting brackets were already provided on the wet subframe and inner wings by BMC at no extra charge.

  2. Can somebody advise please. My '66' 1275 S is running on standard hydrolastic set up. Ibelieve there is a front shock absorber kit that will tighten things up a bit. Is this readily available (from where) and does it mean modding or drilling of top suspension arm etc?:?

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    There is not a kit out there as such but if you buy 2 dry suspension shock mounting bolts and the 2 brackets that bolt to the inner wing and whatever choice of shock you want that will do the job. The top arm may need drilling, remove the bolt that passes through holding the bump stop and try the mounting bolt, the several wet top arms I have the bolt has fitted without drilling but people on here have had to drill them, the main thing is the centre is already there where the bump stop bolt has been removed. All parts are available from minispares. Gray

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    Brilliant, thanks very much. It tend's to float around a bit at the moment. I don't expect original 3 1/2' wheels help.

    Edit' Just found a kit [url=][/url]

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    Just a quick up-date. Previous link I put up only takes to the shock absorber.

    New link for kit: [url=][/url]…

    Mini Spares Pt No C-AJJ3362

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