Fiesta Yellow FTJ 50C


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    Thanks Simon,

    I will put the photo up here for everyone.

    The reason i know it is FTJ, is because i made contact with the man who imported, and raced my 970S here in 1965, i have been trying to find him for over a year, and he phoned me this morning:):):D

    He is over 70 years old now, but remembers detail about the cars like you wouldn't believe:dude:

    He told me that his friend, Roger Wilson imported the FY1275, CZ3030 not long after they brought their 970s into the country.

    The red car is a 998 Cooper, the Yellow one is FTJ, and the grey one is the 970, my sister car.


  2. Does Anyone know how to contact Mike Dibley?

    He owned this car in 1998, but i don't know if he still does.

    The car was imported to NZ as a new car, by the brother of my car's first owner, it was registered CZ3030, and i have a photo of it, along with a red 998 cooper and a grey 970S.

    The car went to the UK in 1990 or thereabouts.


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    Thanks for the nice photo Andrew.

    During my research on the 970 twins, this FY 1275 cropped up.
    It was owned by Russel Wilson, who is the cousin of the man who had my 970, he had no idea it was in the UK.

    He has some history and photos of the car, if the current owner is interested, i could put them in touch.


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    I have a few more if you'd like them James.

    Most are too big for posting here and I don't know how to resize so if you PM me with your email address I'll send them over.

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    Yes, it was in MiniMagazine as part of the Beaulieu report, also in the MCR mag this month as part of the Essex region report.

    I'm biased of course, but I love Fiesta Yellow. It certainly stands out in the crowd and draws a lot of attention. As we say over here, it's like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. 🙂

    Good to know you are on this Forum Si and look forward to 'speaking' to you on here.

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    I don't why I didn't read this forum before, the stories about workers hoping for rainy days so they could nick batteries on their push bikes are priceless 🙂

    Dropped my car off at the paint shop yesterday, it was originally monotone snow white and that's what it will be repainted (VW's campanella white version of snow white anyways…) I guess monotone would be unusual for a British car but not so unusual for Oz cars I think.


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    A guy came up to speak to me and my Dad at Stanford Hall yesterday having seen the Yellow Peril.Heturned out to be Peter Shenton (think I got his name right), the current owner of FTJ 50C.

    I mentioned that I emailed the pics to you of the car and he said that you mentioned it in an email to him. How small has this world got? 🙂

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    [b]SimonWillis wrote: [/b] “Andrew, Did we meet at the Bungay classic car show a few months ago?

    Hi Si,

    I did go to the Bungay classic car show in the Yellow Peril and I did have a chat with a chap from the States. Can't remember his name but itmust have been you. This world is shrinking all the time, thanks to the Internet:D

    Gray and I had a good chat witha couple of guys from California yesterday who were restoring an ex-race Mk1 S.



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    Andrew, that geezer was me! Good to chat to you on this board also, saw your pic in one of the mini mags recently I think. Not many feisty yellow cars out there, its a breath of fresh air to see these rare colours.


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    When the car was at the NEC a couple of years ago, where the film clip comes from, I was puzzled by the captive nuts on the rear inner wheel arches. We put it down to something like a roll bar being attached when it was raced in NZ. Can the importer/racer clear up this question for me?

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