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  1. Hello all, I have a real problem, I made the mistake of taking my Vin tag off my Mk1 1960 Morris Mini Minor the last time I restored it. It was misplaced, lost or stolen, I dont know! I cant find it, I have a restoration replacement coming but I made the mistake of telling the DMV inspector that it was new. I have owned the car 36 years and never had a problem, but new laws say I cant replace the VIN tag, they say if there are other numbers on the car that will cross with the VIN they can probably title it, but they put their own sticker in the door jam since the VIN tag has been replaced. I suppose if I hadn't mentioned it he would have had to prove it wasn't the number, now I have to prove it is. Any suggestions? The Chassis number is still on the car FE23465 and I have the VIN number too, is this number stamped anywhere else on the car? I suppose I could stamp it in myself, but i don't want to risk losing the car altogether. Thank you for any help!


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    As it is a Morris you should find the chassis number stamped in the A bracket at the end of the crossmember on the right hand side of the engine bay.

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    EXCELLENT! I just took a bit of brake fluid and wiped it clean and sure enough the chassis number is there and matches the title. Thank you so much! What is the FE number plate attached to the inner fender behind the radiator?

    Thank you again so very much, hopefully this is enough.


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    Thank you again very much! 18062 was found right where you said it would be. It is the last 5 digits of the title. I cant imagine the inspector denying it matches. I will print this thread for his review as well, I will look for an online article if one exists for more proof.

    Nice to know the car was one of the first 20k off the line, or is that 8062, I think I read they started all the numbers with 1?

    Thank you again!

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