Rear Subframe bolts alignment


  1. Trying to fit my new subframe ( Mowog ) to the car rear trunnions lined up ok and one side on the front but last trunnion is out by 2 to 3mm . New bushes fitted , guess they will compress further over time …. already tightened them up.

    Any tricks here or just perseverence

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    OK fixed ……. recommend the following

    – good nights sleep

    – re gather patience

    – bit of brute force

    Job done… thanks for all the advice

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    I had this problem many years ago when fitting up my car. The mounting panels had been welded in the wrong place.

    A way round this and I suggest your problem is to remove the rubber bushes and then try up the trunnion pins mounted on the subframe to see if the alignment is correct.

    If the alignment is not ok then you can a) slim down the rubber bushes to see if this will help or b) machine down the collar on the trunnion pin.


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    Assuming everything is square & true, It is really just a case of sticking with it. I usually find that it is easier to fit the front ones first, loosley, with only about 5/16' or 8mm thread wound in then offer the back ones up second. It is easier to rive & chew the front (most troublesome) ones on with the back free to move.

    If there has been a bad heel board repair then I would suggest you do as described above, but stick with the fit front then fit back policy.


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    When I renewed mine last about 17yrs ago!! I ended up with a bottle jack against the wall each side of the garage to compress the bushes:D

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