7" disks again!


  1. Further to my last posting, I've decided to put new disks on my 998 but getting them has proved difficult, does anybody know if the 71/2' disks will fit if I machine the diameter down?

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    where are you located?





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    Just fitted some new 'Minispares' 7'' discs, they are the same as the originals, except for a little detail where the wheel studs go, by the way the do not come with wheel studs. Beware if you fit new hubs, you may have to machine a little off the inside of the disc, otherwise your wheels will not go round. Not just me that has had this problem 😕

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    Perhaps it's just me getting old .You love your car ? – obvious you're on this forum . 7' disks were woefully inadequate in the 80's,I had some heart stopping moments myself. In the noughties plain insanity. Mrs I-don't-give-a-sh*t-driving-a-2ton-Chelsea-Tractor-On-The-School-Run who-jams-the-brakes-on-for-no-reason forget it.
    Upgrade to 7.5's,no-one will critisize you (honest ?!).

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    I used to have the earlier smaller 997 calipers on my car, these are 'woefully inadequate' topinch your expression, however the larger pad on the 998 caliper I find to be much better, I quite often use the car as daily transport to work and previous to this on 12 car night rallies. The pad I use are a Mintex lining and work very well, just like the MK3 meister says, they need to be kept in good condition, new old stock pads from the autojumblewith several heat cycles through them will not perform at their best.:dude:

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    7' ers are quite adequate for everyday driving – if they are in good condition. Unfortunately, most people used them until they were wafer thin which could also cause the caliper pistons to stick – hence their poor reputation these days.

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    I still use my Cooper about twice per week for work and I have 7' discs. As has been previously said, I maintain them and all the relevant parts were new before I started using the car. I would'nt advocate the use of the early 997 caliper on a car in regular use, but the later caliper is fine. After all the Cooper was available for 7/8(?) years with that caliper/disc combination.:)

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