1. Just got my S on the road and have gone through two coils in the last 3 weeks. I was wondering if there is anything I am missing.

    The coil is mounted on top of the dynamo.Its a non ballast version.

    Am I missing something?


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    Are they new Lucas coils?, I have just had a Lucas Sport coil die after approx 200 miles, this was after the new (Lucas) condenser and rotor arm (all fitted at the same time) also failed!, there have been reports of rotor arms being no good on other threads / in the MCR magazine, pehaps thesame person has been moved onto coil production 😕

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    They were bothLucas coils. I also replaced the points and condensor on both occasions.

    The coils came from the same supplier, warranty etc.

    Car now in storage for 6 months , so will have to see when it comes back in October!.

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    I've refitted all the old stuff I kept (only changed it all as a precaution), and its running fine at the moment, has anyone else had trouble?

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    [align=center]managed to get through two lucas (lord of darkness) sports coils so i think it is a common problem[/align]

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    I'd love to know the reply from Lucas – something politically correct I expect! I bought some brand new (as opposed to new/old stock) contact sets last year from a local agent but inside the Lucas box was just a cheap foreign copy set ofpoor quality contacts which I could have bought for far less without the expensive box:?.

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    I no longer changeelectrical items'just as a precaution'. Last year we restored a Morris Minor Traveller after a 19 year lay-up for a touring holiday in France. Although I did replace most of the braking system and cooling system, it is still running well on the original coil, distributor cap and HT leads and the same spark plugs, rotor armand contact setI fitted in the 1980s. That old saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' comes to mindAND it seems that just because a new part says 'LUCAS' on it (or the box at least), it doesn't mean it will have been made either in the UK or to the standard of the original part……. I know a few people who search out old secondhand Lucas rotor arms now and I have bought a few sets of new/old stock Lucas contact sets for future use…..The original Lucas coils hardly ever went wrong.

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    I've got a NOS Lucas sports coil on the S type. Think I'd better carry an old spare just in case. 😕

    It is a proper 'NOS' coilthough not'Made in China' NOSand it's lasted 500 miles so far!:P

    Like most things, modern repro stuff is crap compared to the originals and it's always worth keeping good used items like rotor arms, caps and leads as spares.

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    I don't make a habit of changing parts either, the 'precautionary' change was due to a non-start after a track-day, nothing was hot as the car had been sat for a good hour and a half, but it wouldn't re-start, needless to say after taking it to bits and refitting it all it ran perfectly all the way back home, so with nothing conclusive I changed the lot. I have emailed Lucas UK to see if they have any explanation for the recent faults with their parts (including rotor arms ect)

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