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  1. Were there different sizes of throttle pedal used on the Mark 1s? I know there was a change to the bigger, Allegro-sized, pedals with the Mark 4 Mini in 1976-ish, but what about the early cars?

    I ask because the pedal on my 1961 Austin is short, that is, the pedal pad is about 2 inches further towards the bulkhead than the brake and clutch. But I've seen pics of other Mark 1s where it is roughly level with them.

    Previous owner had fitted an extension pad, like the Paddy Hopkirk extra, but I've had to remove it as my size 11s were operating it at the same time as the brake – not good!



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    I seem to remember reading in the Parnell book about the angle of the brake pedal being changed around '62, maybe this is the difference you are seeing.

    As for the mk1 throttle pedal, It was never going to win any design awards:)but its simple, cheap to makeand effective. I'll thinkyou'll find most people just bent it to suit their needs. I can remember with the old 3 synchro boxes it was essential to 'heel and toe' and 'blip' the throttle to get first gear on the move.

    One thing to check with the pedal close to the flooris that your getting full throttle at the carb. end:) Bob

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    Thanks Bob.

    There is nothing wrong with the travel, but the last section of the sort of s shape is shorter than I've encountered before, so that the throttle pedal pad is much higher than the other pedals – not as in higher above the floor, but out of line and closer to the bulkhead. Cue ascii art:

    ¦ ¦ ¦
    ¦ ¦ *
    O O

    Like that – ish.

    I've solved it quite neatly by taking an angle grinder to the Paddy Hopkirk extension pad, removing the bulge towards the brake to make it just a lengthener – it works fine, and heel & toes are back on the agenda, whilst mistakenly accelerating at the same time as braking has gone.


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    [b]tfp wrote: [/b] “taking an angle grinder to the Paddy Hopkirk extension pad,:shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:”

    All my mk1 pedals are the same length, maybe yours has been cut down?


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    “Did Mk1 cars have a rubber pad on the throttle pedal ?”
    Yes they did. The correct one has a smooth edge with fine ribbing in the centre.

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