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  1. Installing the PCV valve on AEG347 inlet manifold, my doubt is about the correct type of manifold union, should it be 'non-return' (#12H1405?) type or a 'plain' one (#13H6289?) just like that onewhere connects the pipe coming from the servo? I think its a plain one as the PCV valvealready workslike one non-return-valve (vacumm and pressure valve). Am I correct or not?

    Would appreciate your help. Andrew will help me with photos:)


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    Hi. Not sure about the part numbers but here is a picture of a AEG 347 manifold with the fittings. As you can see the pcv union is slightly different to the servo union. Both fittings are the open type and should be used with with a copper washer. hope that helps regards Bob

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    Thanks for the pic! I see that in the parts list they are referring #13H6289 as 'non return valve union, they mean the union for PCV which is a NRV!;)Actually they are equal/same type (plain), being PCV higher.


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