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  1. Good morning all – just taking my1275 S for an MOT today and noticed that I still have the 2 blade fan fitted . She always ran hot while at standing and traffic lights etc so I want to replace it with the most efficient fan .For example what fan did they use onin the minis on the Monti – are there better versions today . Hope you can help advise Regards Bruce

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    I've always had exceptional results with two two blade fans – ie 4 blade fan coupled with Mini Spares super cool 2 core rad. Even on near full race 1275s never ever overheated under any conditions, even in standing traffic to get into Goodwood Revival, no problems.

    Also worth getting car set up on rolling road to make sure fuel/air mix correct.

    Ideal temp for BHP output on A series seems to be around 70 deg C – so you actually want it running inbetween C and N (better still use a capillary guage). But you must keep the oil temperature up. In normal road use I always place an alloy plate over the cooler (behind the grill) to prevent over cooling the oil. With modern oils, not really any reason why you'd want a oil cooler fitted in road use.

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    Yes that is correct, the air enters the front of the car through the grille, passes through the radiator and then exits out the inner wing grille/wheelarch.

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    have a 12 blade fan but reversed the direction so it sucks out the hot air out to the left fender. plus I added and additional auxilliary fan for the same purpose.

    Is this correct?

    I'm in a tropical country.


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