mk1 cooper s heater


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    Here is a picture of the left hand one (passenger side) on my 850, it has been folded over like this from new, you should be able to reference the position from the hole visible top left.


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    The height of the straight edge on the left of the bracket is 50mm exactly.

    I have a car that someone else stared restoring, and both these brackets were welded on in the wrong place:X:X

    I ended up by taking these brackets off and bolting them to the heater and then positioning the heater and marking the position of the brackets.


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    Hi James,

    I am of the opinion that the flattened brackets are an NZ thing, probably something to do with making the Natra heater fit. My S has unflattened brackets but only the left lines up and is used.



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    I think they flattened them if they were not needed, my car with no heater also has them folded flat, and this would probably be the case with a UK no-heater car too.

    I think that very early cars (1959)didn't have these at all, as these brackets were designed for the fresh air heater introduced later.

    Does the early fresh air heater fitted to some 997 cars use these brackets?


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    Here is a picture of my heater brackets from my '64 shell. These are spot welded to the bulkhead whichI don't think will be possible with a complete car, you could either bolt or rivet these in position.

    dimensions;- brackets are 202mmapart

    bottom of bracket to edge of toe board flange 60mm

    edge of choke cable hole to r.h. bracket 23mm

    I made a few new sets of brackets for my project and have a spare set you can have for £5+p+p. I did a drawing of these and if I can find it I will scan it and post It here.

    regards bob

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    Hi, my april 1963 car is not fitted with these heater brackets, it was originally supplied with a recirc' heater, these brackets came in when the more common fresh air heater was introduced, I believe sometime about May '63 onwards.

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    My late 63 has horizontal J shaped brackets spot welded on the firewall – although according to the Heritage Cert is was supplied sans heater.

    Not surprising as it was imported by BMC Oz and given to a local rally hotshot…does that make it a Works rally car???? Oh well – perhaps not.

    Cheers, Ian

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