cleaning out petrol tanks


  1. I seem to remember this being a topic some time ago ,but i can find the link. Im sure it involved brick cleaning acid or the like. Any info would be a great help, many thanks Tim

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    Hi Tim,

    I think I started that link. I had a lot of fine powdery rust in my tanks and used brick cleaner to get rid of it. Just to make sure I had no further problems with cr4p in the float chambers I fitted an inline fuel filter under the rear subframe near the pump.


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    Hi Tim, Hydrochloric acid is used as brick cleaner but it works a wonder inside petrol tanks. I think that's what you were looking for?

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    Here's the link that I started last year 😀


    It does work very well. No problems since :dude:

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    Yup, Brick & Concrete cleaner from machine Mart AKA Hydricloric Acid works FANTASTICALLY WELL!

    Its a good idea to nutralise the acid afterwards though with a solution of caustic soda, available from all good hardware stores 🙂


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