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  1. Only 1 month and 1 day until my cooper visits Surface Processing!

    Last night I added some bracing to the shell in preparation for the dip and for when I start doing some major cutting.


    I have a pair of absolutley perfect , original Mk1 doors. Never been re-skinned and have not rusted at all. Mk1 doors are very delicate and I hardly dare look at them for risk of causing damage!

    Along with my shell, I am planning to take the doors to SPL to get them dipped and e-coated to make sure that they remain rust free in the future. I'm a bit worried about possible damage to them when at SPL though.

    Has anyone else taken delicate things to SPL before? Thoughts?

    My only reassurance is the fact that they deal withvaluable stuff on a daily basis, so hopefully care when dealing with such items is a matter of course??

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    I may be being a bit out of place, but looking at your shell by the time you cut out the rusty panels you wont have much left.Once you replace them It will then be mostly new metal, so wont the dipping be a waste of money? sorry.You can fire at me now 🙂
    And I think I am correct once stripped then e coated I bet it wont protect the inside of door posts etc as well as old 1960's red lead which you are removing. (Thats only what I think)

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    I'll be taking it for an inital dip so that i can see what I've gotto work with. Do my welding. Take shell back for a re-dip and e-coat.

    I can't see a better way to treat the shell other than e-coating. I'm hoping that it'll last my lifetime when finished.

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    [b]mini59 wrote: [/b] “but looking at your shell by the time you cut out the rusty panels you wont have much left.” That's my minis better side!

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    They see a lot worse than this all the time. I put mine through and had no problems. Remove boot board brackets and any other add on's (gearchange blanking plate) as the acid dissolves the rivets. I had mine etch primed as well to stop the grot whilst the work is done, however if you can do this yourself it is money saved as their priming is not that thick, and £300 buys a fair bit of primer. Gray

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    Thanks for the advice Gary.

    I'm not too worried about the delicacy of the shell, I'm mostly worried about a perfect door getting knocked around.

    Do you think enough care is taken of such items?

    Do you just leave them loose in the shell (worried about them slipping and denting themselves)?

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    They tend to hang them on other frames then they get put back into the shell, If the doors are that good I would not bother getting them done, my doors I had sandblasted and were already primed up so I didn't bother. They are easy enough to get into most of the areas to paint up well so as not to need to ecoat them. On the other hand a few minor marks on skins are easy to get out again, for sure they won't be abused. Gray

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    Just browsing – and would add- Did you offer up your new doors to the frame before you braced them ?? .

    Looking at the shell I suspect the floor pans are gone. We had similar problems with our 1964 cooper and proceeded to do one top sill at a time to preserve the side frame rigidity . Then proceeded to replace the outers one at a time . This was followed by cutting out the front pans and welding in new ones . Then the inner sills were replaced . After this we let in a new box cross member ( but split it in 2 parts ) so that the hoop around the middle of the car/ floor was always retained to preserve the datum positions. Both full windscreen scuttle and inner windscreen dash sections replaced and the glass fits – !!. . We had the doors re-skinned – very good but expensive .

    Good luck with your project and take some dimensions around the windscreen before you cut out the scuttle . Regards Bruce

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    I've not yet offered up the doors. It's a good point and I'll make sure to do so before I go ahead with any cutting around that area.

    I really appreciate your advice on order of replacing panels. I had been pondering on the order in which to do things. Your advice is really going to help!

    I'll keep you all posted on my progress. More pics of my project can be found [url=]here[/url].

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