COME HOME TO DOWNTON – 3rd / 4th May 2008


  1. I am very pleased to be able to announce the greatest FREE event ever for all fans of 60's cars, their modification & tuning.

    is a TOTALLY FREE, full weekend of events to celebrate the history & legacy of the greatest tuning firm of all time.

    Please follow the link below to see full details.

    [url=][color=#000099]COME HOME TO DOWNTON[/color][/url]



    This is a totally unique event, and may never be repeated. Guaranteed to be a fantastic event for all the family, not just the car nut.

    Please pass this link on to anyone you think may be interested.


    mark F.

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    The event is being organised by former Downton staff, I am the only non origoinal involved at any level. We have space for upto 100 cars on display and welcome applications from anyone who has a car that they think may fit in well with the theme. Please contact me for further details if you fall into that category.

    There will be no specific club prescence of any type, as this is a totally FREEevent organised & run by former Downton people.

    Everyone however, is very welcome on the day.



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    Not only Hanlminiman but the other 2 are Steve Burkinshaw and Edward from Switzerland (I think it was Edward).
    Pity they did not feature the Radford de Ville GT but Nicky's car was fantastic and probably the one with the most history and originality at the event.
    The presenter did ask me if I was Mr Porter, in front of Nicky's car; I was honest but I wish I was N. Porter !
    Those foreign events sound attractive; fancy co-driving Dave?
    It was a great day and I won a prize in the raffle – a squash bag! Not me since 1970!

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    Sorry Cliff, I don't know Steve well enough to recognise the back of his head from a 3 second clip. Having had it pointed out it's easy!:D

    Foreign events – I'd love to give it a shot.:)Capable? No, unless you can find your own way while I sleep.:(

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