Stick on Number PLates


  1. Can anyone tell me where I can buy the numbers / letters from to create the old stick on black background / white lettered , numbered plates.

    Black background easily created from black fablon but the numbers / letters have defeated me thus far.


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    Go to a sign maker / sticker cutter and get a set made. If you google computer cut vinyl I'm sure you will find the sort of place I am talking about. Years ago you used to be able to get pre cut letters from the likes of Halfords, but since the regs on number plates changed a few years ago, they seem to have dissapeared.

    Mark F.

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    See info in Off Topic section: [url=][/url]

    Reflective material has apparently been removed from sale except for plate manufacturers who assemble the bits. Black and white seems to have disappeared from car spares shops but vehicles able to use them are now over 30 years old. I keep seeing white numbers in hardware shops and seem to think the likes of Holden and Woolies had them.

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