Handbrakes, dont you just love em!


  1. Hello all,

    Just trying to sort the handbrake out for the Tour of Cheshire in a few weeks and getting knowhere fast. It's always just about got through the MOT but was never really that good.

    Stripped down the drums, cleaned them out and fitted new mintexshoes (the right way round!) and also a new set of superminifins (not the cheap one's) but still it's no good.

    The cables and quadrents seem to move ok and it's adjusted up ok. I had a look at a mates later Mk2 S and it has the later, longer levers as fitted to the later car's. His handbrake is on the button and I was wondering if that was the way to go?

    When I say levers, I mean the mechanism that fits into the backplate to operate the shoes.

    Any other tips?


  2. imported post

    How much play is there in the riveted joint on the drum levers?, if they are worn they dont push out when you put the handbrake on they just twist, if they are loosekeep the drum off and see how much they push the shoes out thentry putting mole grips on them at the pivot to reduce the play (with the drum stilloff), retest them, then fit new ones if it improves thepush out on the shoes

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