Placement of regulator box ??


  1. Hey guys, I am still confused about where to put the regulator box, on the S !! In Parnells book, it says to mount it on the main bulkhead, with the connectors facing the carbs. Does he mean , right next to the subframe tower bolts ?? or on the sloping firewall, right next to the tower bolts, with the connectors facing the carbs ?? I have seen so many different pictures, and on the old black and white pics, it is hard to tell where it is.

    Also, the exact location of the fuse box. A few pics would be great !!

    By the way , the car is UK made.

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    Hi Colin, Have a look at Scott's site; [url=][/url] THe last picture shows the regulator and fuse box mounting for a dry suspension s. My car [march64] is exactly the same as this. The two large self tapping screws that hold the regulator on are screwed directly into the bulkhead with the front one actually going into the locktab with the screw going into the hole for the spring compressor. The fusebox is mounted into the square hole with one of those nylon screw mounts. hope this helps. regards Bob. Another picture.

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    Not hydro, it is a July 64, 1275 S. I am quite surprised that it mounts, as shown in the pics, but then , if thats correct, thats where it will be. Cheers guys, excellent

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    Hi Colin, Another better picture of the regulator mounting. I've drawn around the reg. with a black pen, as you can see the outboard s/frame bolt sits underneath the reg. regards Bob

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