1071 engine numbers


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    I've heard of engine number for 1071 blocks beginning with a 10* number but have never seen this confirmed. Perhapse this was the case down under?

    The only blocks I do know of with a 10* are the 1100cc ones.

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    10F is the BMC code for the 1071 engine but it was not used as the engine number in the same way that 12F was the code for a 1275 but wasn't the engine number prefix.

    XE is 4 speed all synchromesh gearbox but this wasn't introduced until late 1968 for the S – years after the 1071 had gone.

    Y is 1275cc!

    83950 is far higher than any UK Cooper S engine number sequence ever got to.

    Sounds like someoneis yanking your crank Bruce:)

    Have you got a picture of the engine number tag or is the numberjust stamped on the block?

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    My thoughts exactly.

    Query was originally posted on the Ausmini website.

    Engine is alleged to have a 1071 crank but a block casting number appropriate to an Oz 1275S….and to be installed in an 'English' S.

    Thanks, Ian

    PS Pictures show number to be stamped on block (and drilled Rawl pins)


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    Never seen one, but from the net …….;)
    [font='Times New Roman']

    [align=left]Mini Cooper 1070cc 'S' 9FD/SA/H 9.1[/align]

    [align=left](engine 33661 to 33948,)[/align]

    [align=left]Mini Cooper 998cc 9FD/SA/L 8.3[/align]

    [align=left]Mini Cooper 970cc 'S' 9FD/SA/X 10[/align]

    [align=left]Mini Cooper 1275cc 'S' 9FD/SA/Y 9.75[/align]

    [align=left]Mini Cooper 970cc 'S' 9FE/SA/X 10[/align]

    [align=left]Mini Cooper 1275cc 'S' 9FE/SA/Y 9.75[/align]
    Mini Cooper 1070cc 'S' 10F 8.3

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