mk 1 manifold


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    The correct type can be seen at [url=]this topic[/url] in my post of 22 March

    the one in the picture of the post after my message is also WRONG

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    No thats a horrible budget 3 into 1 that is sold by the less distinguished end of the accessories suppliers.

    If you are looking for a genuine cooper S one then you are looking for something with long welded seams running down its length, these do come up on the likes of ebay or similar but are usually not in great condition, but if you want something that fits and works go for the maniflow 3 into 1 specifically designed for the Cooper S.


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    just shows you what people will flog on ebay describe as

    [url=][u][color=#0000ff]RARE MK 1/2 MINI COOPER EXHAUST MANIFOLD AUSTIN/MORRIS![/color][/u][/url]


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