Early S Steering Rack


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    My understanding is that the Mk1 rack does not have the hole and plastic plugto gain access to the inner rack to centralise it. The plug etc.is normally accessed through the rubber grommet on the front n/s heelboard near to the U-clamp nuts.

    If I'm talking cr*p, please let me know as I have one of those racks to fit to my Mk1 850 before the MOT 😀

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    I have a similar problem, I got a very good rack with my 64 but I'm not sure if it's the right rack.

    It's not on the car so what other way is there to identify it?

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    You may have misunderstood Andrew, the plastic plug is on the rack, and easy to spot when the rack is removed, it is where the steering column would be on a LHD,and has a bit sticking out that you can grab with pliers to remove it.


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    Here are a couple of rack pictures from my march '64 1071. Its looks like the original unit with the twisted wire clips but I couldn't be 100% sure. It has the 2.3 turns lock to lock as Radfordman points out.

    has casting no. RH21110 ST67 0n pinion end regards bob

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    Mine has been made by Cam Gears, but I can't remember the numbers that are on it and I am sure that it doesn't have the plug to access it.

    will post some pics of it as soon as I can get this camera recharged

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    Here are a couple of pics of the racks i have lying around

    The top one is what i would call a mk2 you can see the plug, it has RH21112 cast into the RH end

    The bottom one is what i would call mk1 and has ALCAN 18342 cast into the RH end.

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