S Hydro Displacers


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    Mmmm…No real proof that it is an S one. If past experience is anything to go by, then anything that would FIT on a Cooper S is deemed to be a Cooper S part!

    Ebay is a parallel universe where all mini parts are Cooper S

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    Well if I had a wet mini (don't see the attraction myself,a load of hastle for a very marginal ride improvement and certainly no better handling ? – light that touchpaper !!)in the current environment of them being close to rocking horse excretia (standard,S or uprated) and no sign of new production on the horizon 2 second hand ones for the price of 1/2 a tank of fuel doesn't seem too bad to me. Do you think you can afford to be that choosy anymore … ?

    And as for NOS here's the going rate for a standard displacer :-




  3. For all those wet 'S' owners ….



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    I am not completely sure about this but this is what I have discovered so far:

    There is no difference in functionality or basic shape. The clearest difference is that the S drums have two holes for fixing screws while the post-84 version has only one screw hole (but I am not sure whether that is the case for all of them).

    Note that there was also a rear drum with 1/2' spacers for the 998 Cooper from February 1967 on, which was introduced to enable fitting the SP41 tyres.

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