engineering firm near Horsham, West Sussex


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    Quite hard to find these places locally now but Sutton Rebore have a good reputation for that kind of work and are a family business who have been in Sutton, Surrey for years. I also went to college in the 1970's with the current owner whose dad originally started up the business.

    Sutton Rebore Service Ltd
    34-38 Lind Road
    Sutton, Surrey
    SM1 4PL, United Kingdom
    Phone Number: 020 86425685
    Fax Number: 020 86426119

  2. Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to locate a reputable engineering firm in or near Horsham in West Sussex (or Sussex / Surrey area). I reckon my 1960 850 may well need the head looking at when I come to do the head gasket.

    Anyone know anyone good? We've recently moved to the area so any help would be greatly appreciated!



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