1071 'S' Crankshaft Journal size


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    No. In the past you could get 060' shells and someone in America was prepared to use 080' ones. I have never seen any of those in this country. Don't forget that the nitrided layer has been removed by the even only 020' regrind. The nitriding provides a hard, wear-resistant surface. The crank would still work OK but the smaller the diameter the weaker it is.


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    In '67 BMC were quoting maximums as 40' on Minis and Coopers but only 20' on the S. Obviously, at the time, replacements weren't a problem. As Nick says 60' and 80' have been available but it depends what you're using the engine for, I can't see any great problem for normal day to day driving but that wasn't the manufacturers original intention.

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