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  1. Anyone know of the whereabouts/fate ofMk1 'S' with reg. mark RMC 277E??

    I owned it in the early '90's but have since lost track of it.

    Last seen in the Surrey area..


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    Current details are

    Date of Liability
    01 09 1987

    Date of First Registration
    19 07 1967

    Year of Manufacture
    Not Available

    Cylinder Capacity (cc)

    CO2 Emissions
    Not Available

    Fuel Type

    Export Marker
    Not Applicable

    Vehicle Status

    Vehicle Colour

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    You could contact DVLA and ask them. If you explain that you was a previous owner, they may be prepared to forward a letter from yourself to the present recorded keeper and contact could be made like that.

    They did this for me for a car that my dad owned in the 60's and contact was made. 😀

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    tks but i checked the dvla website some time back. Interesting to note though that it hasnt been taxed since '87, which, amongst other things, e.g. an advert for 3.5J 'S' wheels several years later,gives me the impression that the guy i sold it to broke it for spares (it was tres rusty), doh…:(

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    I'm still looking for my old Mk1 'S' reg mark RMC 277E if anybody knows what happened to it?

    Lastheard ofin Surrey/Sussex areaanda kind of purple when i had it in the early '90s but originally Almond Green/OEW….

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